Can You Move a Toilet a Few Inches? [Cost Explained]

moving a toilet few inches for changing toilet flange

When you want an attractive and new look for your bathroom, you must renovate it. And, renovating the bathroom might need moving the Toilet from its current position.

But, can a Toilet be moved? Of course, you can slightly move Toilet from its current position.

Taking off the old Toilet and placing it in another place is also possible according to your pre-plan.

So, you’re going to move the Toilet from its position, right?

Honestly speaking, the possibility of replacing the Toilet depends on where you’re going to heft and move it.

Wherever you replace the old Toilet, you must learn excellent plumbing work. Without proper skill, if you start to move your old Toilet, you might damage its parts.

The consequences you’ll face when you start to use the Toilet after replacing it.

Anyway! Let us enlighten you on everything that you should know before moving your Toilet.

Can a Toilet Be Moved 6 inches?

Indeed, Moving the Toilet for several inches doesn’t require re-installing the toilet waste line and stack. So, you can move your Toilet a few inches without making a new hole on the floor. Questionably, can a toilet be moved 6-inches?

Indeed, yes! You can move the Toilet at 6-inches without changing the waste line and stack using an offset toilet flange.

It needs plenty of plumbing work and investment to re-install the waste line and stack.

So, before replacing the Toilet, you must first know the length of the Toilet’s waistline and stack.

Regularly, the distance between the Toilet and Waste line is about 3-4-inches.

You can move the Toilet away from 6 feet of your stack when the waste line diameter is 3-inches.

Conversely, when the waste line is 4inches, you can elevate and move the Toilet 10 feet off the stack.

How Much It Costs to Move a Toilet a Few Feet?

Moving the Toilet several inches might not be a big deal, but you can also not take it lightly.

Usually, moving or replacing the Toilet needs several types of plumbing work. The expenses range from what the plumbing work you’re doing for moving the Toilet is. You might have to spend on replacing the waste line or extending the stack.

Besides these, there are several types of plumbing works that you might have to do to replace the Toilet. For instance, opening the floor, drain flange, reframing the walls, or maintaining other fixtures.

In normal circumstances, the cost of moving a toilet a few feet ranges between $2500-$3500. Furthermore, if you have extended renovating plumbing takes, the additional costs will vary between $1500-$2500.

However, the costs of moving Toilet also depend on the plumber’s rate when you hire a plumber.

The plumber charges for moving Toilet ranges between $75-$130 per hour depending on countries. But, most homeowners offer an average of $90 per hour for working with toilet fixtures.

Is it Expensive to Relocate a Toilet?

Relocating the Toilet is almost tricky and the most expensive. Based on where you’re located, you might have to spend $2500-$3500 to move the Toilet. At which the plumber might take $75-$130 per hour to work with toilet fixtures.

If you want to replace the sink instead of the Toilet, the expenses will be almost safe. That’s because you have to change several fixtures in your Toilet for a new renovation.

If you’re with bad luck, you might have to spend more bucks for various plumbing jobs.

What to Learn and Consider Before Relocating A Toilet?

Relocating the Toilet is one of the most popular home improvement projects. But, Toilet is interlinked with several plumbing fixtures. If you want to relocate your Toilet, you might have to open the floor and in-reinstall several fixtures.

Whether you’ll open up the floor or not depends on where you’re locating the Toilet. Wherever you locate the Toilet, you have several things to consider if you open up the floors.

Toilet Drainage

The toilet drainage system is the main function of a toilet. The wastage pipe is connected to the sweeper lines which allows the wastage to run out smoothly.

When the sweeper pipe gets blocked due to plumbing mistakes, the wastage overflows. So, you’ll need professional help to renovate the waste line with the Toilet.

Vent Pipe

The toilet wastage needs sufficient water flow for wastage removal, which causes by the air pressure. Individually, the vent pipe plays an important role in removing the wastage using air pressure.

So, any malfunctioning in the vent pipe might shut down the water supply. Consequently, you won’t get the water for washing the wastage.

Water Supply

Agreeably, relocating the water supply line is less complicated than relocating the toilet drainage and vent pipe.

Undoubtedly, the water supply system of the Toilet is interconnected with the whole water supply system of the house.

So, when you relocate the Toilet, ensure that each part of the water supply line is equipped. A little flaw or breakage in the water supply line might cause leakage and severe water wastage.

The floor of the Toilet

Where is your Toilet located – The ground floor or any other floor of your multi-story building?

For the ground floor toilet, you might not need to rebuild the Toilet’s ceiling and floor. But when your Toilet is located on other floors, you might have to rebuild the ceiling of the underlying floor.

Toilet Location in House

Keep a proper budget when relocating the Toilet based on the location of the Toilet in your house. If your Toilet is situated on the ground floor, the expense won’t be so high.

Conversely, when your Toilet is situated other than the ground floor, the relocation costs will increase. That’s because, when your Toilet isn’t on the ground floor, there’ll be plenty of plumbing jobs for moving the Toilet.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodelling is one of the critical deciding factors when you’re relocating it. Before relocating the Toilet, ensure that you have a toilet remodel on your hand.

Otherwise, it’ll be difficult for you to design the bathroom model alongside the Toilet relocation.

How to Move a Toilet?

Moving the Toilet refers to bringing a change to the current toilet model. If you aren’t a plumber or experienced enough plumbing jobs, relocating the Toilet would be difficult.

But, when you do the small plumbing jobs yourself, follow our Toilet relocating steps. Although relocating the Toilet is slightly difficult, you can do it yourself.

Step 1: What Is Your Plan?

First off, make a plan!

This is important for relocating the Toilet without causing damage. If you’re making a completely new interior for the house, place the Toilet in that place first.

Afterward, you can install the new and required appliance in that new location.

Furthermore, maintain necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the toilet sheet. Just put it down so that the chance of damage is reduced.

Step 2: Remove the Accumulated Water

The Toilet must hold a small amount of water even after using it. Flush the Toilet to remove the water. Is the water still the same after flashing?

If so, then use the plunger or sponge to remove the water. The plunger will forcefully drain the water.

Conversely, the sponge will soak water from the toilet bowl and tank.

Step 3: Turn Off the Water Supply

Now, turn off the water supply valve of the Toilet. It is crucial to prevent accidental water flow while relocating the Toilet.

Step 4: Disconnect the Supply Line

After turning off the water supply valve, disconnect the supply line from the toilet bowl. The supply line should be behind the toilet bowl.

Step 5: Remove the Toilet Flange

Remove the toilet flange which is attaching the toilet bowl to the floor. You can easily unscrew the flange from the floor and then drain the pipe by using a screwdriver.

When the toilet flange is made of iron, you cannot open it with the screwdriver. In that situation, you’ll need to apply the hammer to break the flange.

Furthermore, cut the toilet flange with the reciprocating saw when it is strongly glued in place.

Step 6: Cut the Toilet Blend

If you want to replace the Toilet with a new bathroom, then you’ll need to cut the old toilet blend. Use the reciprocating saw to cut the blend of your Toilet. Keep the reciprocating saw as much as close to the waste-vent stack while cutting.

Step 7: Disengage the Toilet Tank

After unscrewing the bolts, it has become easy to disengage the Toilet from its place. But, don’t detach the entire Toilet from its position the first time.

Firstly, disengage the toilet tank from its position. Afterward, move forward to disengage the toilet bowl.

Step 8: Elevate and Move the Toilet Bowl

Disengage the toilet bowl by rocking back and forth.

It is time to disengage the toilet bowl from the floor. Rock the Toilet bowl at rock and forth to bring it out from the position.

Relocate the toilet bowl at the new place where you have planned for this.

The Sum Up!

Eventually, moving or relocating the Toilet becomes straightforward when you know the process. Still confused, can a Toilet be moved?

You can move the Toilet a few inches away from the current position or to a totally different place. The difference is the labour, time, and costs of moving the toilet to a few inches or a new bathroom.

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