Are Toilet Lid Covers Out Of Style? [Answered]

are toilet lid covers out of style

Probably you are using a nice piece of toilet lid cover in your toilet. Do you ever think that are toilet lid covers out of style of your bathroom? Or do you even ever use a toilet lid cover?

It is not mandatory that you must use a toilet lid cover. But people can decorate their home and toilet with any style and a good sense of appetite. Toilet decoration is one of the precise appetite senses that many people do.

Among the decoration, a toilet lid cover is one of the essential things. Many people love to decorate their toilet lids with colorful lid covers. But, with the lid covers, some things happen. They may be out of style or outdated. Today, we will talk about are toilet lid covers are out of class at all. Let’s move ahead.

What Is A Toilet Lid Cover?

Before we get into the deep, it would sound good to know what toilet lid cover is. Toilet lid cover is the customized fabric that is used to cover the toilet lids. Don’t be confused with the toilet seat and lid. The toilet seat and toilet lid are different.

Toilet seats are the very next portion of the toilet commode that is used for sitting. On the other hand, a toilet lid is used to cover up the toilet opening. And toilet lid cover covers the toilet lids.

The lid serves multiple objects. It helps to cover the toilet hole to avoid unpleasant smells. Also, it covers the toilet holes with different aesthetic designs and looks. And at the end, the toilet lid cover slightly increases the look of the lid and brings some comfort to the eyes.

Purpose Of Using A Toilet Lid Cover

Before getting into the points of outdated concern, let us define the actual purposes of toilet lid covers. So, why do we use toile lid covers?

It is mainly utilized for its aesthetics and appearance. That is soothing to the eyes while they are looking into it. Many people enjoy incorporating the decoration into their everyday lives. They consider the toilet to be one of the essential areas to beautify. That goes the fact about aesthetics. What are the other purposes?

  • Toilet lid covers to protect the lids during sudden falls. Also, the toilet is the place of water splashes and bacteria. They all go through the lid cover. You can then easily clean the lid covers.
  • If you are in a cold region and feel uneasy touching the toilet lid for cold, there is an excellent use of lid covers. In the winter season or cold weather, lid covers consume the temperature of the toilet lids.

Health-Conscious: Are Toilet Lid Covers Sanitary?

If you think about health issues, toilet lid covers are not the bearer of germs. Some normal bacteria in the toilet can also be on the covers. But it does not mean that the covers bear vital germs that could be harmful to your health.

Professor Dr. William Schaffner from Vanderbilt University Medical Center says, “Toilet seats are not a vehicle for the transmission of any infectious agents—you won’t catch anything.

But this does not guarantee you that the lid covers don’t hold any germs. The lid covers contain such bacteria that are common skin bacteria that people already bear on their bodies. So, those do not bring any extra health concerns for you at all.

Are Toilet Lid Covers Outdated?

So, now the big question comes. Are toilet lid covers out of style? Here are some things to explain.

We mentioned before that many people use lid covers for their aesthetics and looks. So, when they get old and lose their looks because of extensive uses, they might be considered outdated.

Due to many uses, the lid covers lose their thickness and might fail to protect the lids from splash and hits. Also, they lose their stiffness which does not stay enough to warm your toilet.

They become ugly and outdated in terms of current trends also.


How To Use Toilet Lid Cover Correctly?

The right way to use a toilet lid cover is to place it on the toilet with the flap side facing the front of the bathroom. The flap will prevent splashes from coming forward into the entire floor.

How To Clean Toilet Lid Cover?

It is as easy as you clean your clothes. But in the case of lid cover, you should use a spare bowl to soak it into the detergent mixed water. Then, wash it properly as you can. Also, you can use a typical washing machine to clean your lid covers.

What Is The Alternative To Toilet Lid Covers?

The alternative of a toilet lid cover is not using a lid cover. So, if you search for a lid cover alternative, you should use nothing. Just leave your toilet on its own.


So, are toilet lid covers out of style? It is dependent on a variety of factors. Most of the time, it is determined by your manners and fashion sense.

They get filthy regularly. As a result, you must thoroughly clean them. Ultimately, a considerable percentage of individuals may decide that they do not want to utilize it only for fashion reasons.

As a result, if you want to utilize toilet lid covers, don’t spend a lot of money on them. In addition, avoid using extra-comfy, fluffy, and soft materials for lid covers since they get filthy fast and are difficult to keep clean.

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