Bathroom Mirrors Offer Bright Design Solutions: Add Style and Function to Your Bath

Bathroom Mirrors Offer Bright Design Solution

When it comes to bathroom essentials, the flooring, the tiles, the sink, the toilet, and the shower and/or tub, are often the things that come to mind. Mirrors usually aren’t the first items included in bathroom decorating wish lists, but the right size and style can do wonders for the final bathroom look. 

If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive way to update your bathroom or create a statement, consider using mirrors. They can have various benefits for the room, whether it is a master bathroom or a half bathroom.

Create a Sense of Space

Bathroom Mirror Position

If you have a bathroom in the smaller size range, the addition of a mirror can be especially beneficial. That is because these design elements reflect light in a way that makes the space look brighter and more open. To achieve this effect, however, you should place it oppositely (or close to) a light source. If your bathroom has a window, consider hanging it on the opposite wall.

Get Hidden Storage Space

For smaller bathrooms with little storage space, a mirrored wall cabinet can be a terrific option. You’ll have access to storage space behind it, in addition to the standard benefits of a bathroom mirror. A pre-built cabinet that will work in most bathrooms is available, or you may have one manufactured to order that meets your particular functional and size needs.

Make a Statement

Any bathroom can become more fashionable with the addition of large, ornamental pieces. The focal point of the room may be a full-length or giant piece with an intricate frame, which would illuminate the entire space and give it a remarkable aspect. 

You can also choose tiny or medium-sized models with distinctive frame designs based on your needs and preferences. Choosing a design that stands out and draws attention to its nuances is crucial in this situation.

What Kind of Mirror to Use in the Bathroom?

Nowadays, you can find various types and every imaginable style. Here is the list of the trendiest ones currently. 

Arched Mirrors

Arched Mirrors

Many would say that the best shape is rectangular. But when it comes to adding a unique touch to the bathroom, nothing can beat the design intricacy of arch mirrors. Not to mention how versatile these can be. They can hang on the wall facing the main bathroom to give the space a sensation of infinite depth, rest comfortably over your washbasin, and even mimic the impression of windows in the bathroom. 

Nowadays, you can buy arch mirrors in a wide range of sizes. They often have rectangular bases and a pointed or elliptical tip and can be framed or frameless. Frameless arched designs are becoming increasingly popular in modern bathrooms. Paired with frameless, glass-showered doors, arched frameless pieces work perfectly to complete a modern, minimalist look.

These decor elements are ideal for a powder room because of their sleek, frameless form, which won’t clog the small space. For a larger bathroom, a huge frameless piece can also look good.

However, if you prefer them or if they complement the look you desire for your bathroom, feel free to hang framed arching pieces instead. When mounted as a pair above a large vanity table, they can look rather nice. They can also be custom-made with more storage included at the bottom or behind the mirror (think medicine cabinets).

Some models also have decorative elements on their frames to complement the room’s aesthetics. When it comes to frames with an arch shape, a range of materials, including wood, ivory, metal, gold, and silver, are usually used. If you want to use a framed arching model, bear in mind that in smaller rooms the frame may appear enormous and dwarf the mirror. Additionally, remember that you will also need to clean the frame.

Mirrors With Lights and LED Illumination

Illuminated models have one or more lights on the front or back. They fit nicely with a range of bathroom types and are practical and visually pleasant. The most popular of these are probably Hollywood vanity, front-lit, and back-lit models. 

Cabinet Mirrors

Growing families or those who live in small homes frequently look for solutions that may be incorporated into their bathrooms. The traditional cabinet design may work for you, but some prefer designs that come with an extended overhead tray and a shelf on the bottom for more convenience. Additionally, you can have front- or back-lit LED bathroom cabinets, which provide the space with the perfect ambiance and glow.

Many cabinet pieces have evolved as well, moving from basic and straightforward to elegant and adaptable. More storage capacity, high-end materials, and fine frames are features of the most recent mirrored cabinets.

What Size Should a Bathroom Mirror Be?

Arch Miroor Bathroom

It’s crucial to take functionality and dimensions into account when buying a bathroom mirror. This will help you avoid getting an over or undersized unit while bringing the right balance to the space.  

The piece shouldn’t be wider than the sink or vanity unit, according to the standard rule. Consider purchasing one together with the vanity unit so that it may be tailored to match it. Choose a shape that is roughly 80% the width of your vanity unit or basin if you’re buying it separately.

Regarding height, consider how tall users are so they can see themselves. The user’s line of sight should be 30 cm above and below the mirror, which should be at least 60 cm high. Choosing a larger model, however, can give you more viewing possibilities and give the appearance that your bathroom is bigger.

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