How To Adjust A Frameless Glass Shower Door? (4 Easy Steps to Do This!)

How To Adjust A Frameless Glass Shower Door

Frameless glass shower doors look sleek and classy. Nowadays, most modern bathrooms have seamless and frameless glass shower doors. Though frameless shower frames look elegant, installing them can be challenging.

A frameless glass shower door is made of tempered glass with only a few hinges at one side of the door. Adjusting them and placing the door properly is a bit difficult if you are not experienced. While this becomes a concern, knowing the DIY process would make the task simple.

However, adjusting a frameless glass shower door requires hex-head bolts that are adjusted to fix the hinges. You can adjust the hinges by yourself while an assistant can align the door to make the position correct.

To know the steps of adjusting a frameless glass shower door, stay with me and learn the DIY mechanism.

How To Adjust A Frameless Glass Shower Door: 4 DIY Steps To Follow

Aligning the frameless door is difficult and fixing it is even a more challenging task. As there are only a few adjustments and fixing features, you can’t place and fix them easily.

If you see water leaking out from the sides of the frameless shower door, you need to adjust it. So first, let’s see what you will need to complete the task properly.

  • An assistant who can help you during the task
  • 36-inch level
  • Wooden shim or plastic shim
  • An Allen key

Now is the turn to look into the steps:

Step 1: Position The Door

In the first step, you need to position the door and see if it is correctly leveled or not. For that, you need an assistant to hold the door open. While he keeps the door wide open, you would use the 36-inch level to check the alignment.

Place the level vertically across the edge of the door, the enclosure framing. If the door edge is aligned to the level, the door is aligned correctly. If they are not in the same line, you need to consult a professional to fix the alignment issue. The professional would adjust the enclosure mountings and adjust the shower glass.

Step 2: Work With The Hinges And Bolts

Now, go inside the shower enclosure. After you enter, the assistant has to close the door. As you enter, use an Allen key to loosen the hex-head bolts. In each hinge, you need to loosen the hex-head bolts by turning them 360-degree clockwise two times.

The door should stay closed during the process. If necessary, the door should be lifted a bit. Keep the door in that position and let your assistant fix the shims just beneath the door and on top of the shower base.

Step 3: Tighten The Hinges

As you see enough gap between the lower seam of the door and the shower base, tell your assistant to hold the door in that position.

While he is holding the door, you have to adjust the hinges by fixing and tightening the bolts. Tightening the hinges would correctly position the shower glass. Make sure that the gap between the shower base and the lower seam is correct.

Step 4: Check The Position And Remove The Shims

Now is the turn to remove the shims from the gap to see if the adjustment is correct or not. See whether the gap between the door and the shower base is uniform or not.

If the alignment is not correct, repeat steps 2 to 4 to adjust the alignment.

Why Isn’t The Frameless Shower Door Closing?

If you see that the frameless shower door is not closing and the alignment is not correct, this is probably because the hinges are loose. When the hinges and bolts are loose, the door is not aligned and can’t be closed.

In this case, you need to loosen the bolts and nuts. If you see that they are loose, this is the reason why the door isn’t closing. You need to tighten the nuts but before that, check the alignment.

While the nuts are loose, you have to close the door and see if the alignment is correct or not. If yes, then tighten the bolts and recheck if the door is closing or not. That is how you can fix it.

How Do You Adjust An Uneven Frameless Shower Door?

If you see that the door is not closing properly, this means that the door is not aligned. To adjust the uneven frameless door, you need to open the hinges and fix them.

Loosen the hinges first by removing the screws. Now, hold the door and pull it a bit away from the walls or the adjacent glass. Leave a decent gap to align the door. After you get the gap, you can see the door at the same level as the adjacent glass.

Now, hold the door and tighten the screws in the hinges to fix it. And you can see that the doors are now aligned and even.

How Do You Adjust Frameless Shower Door Hinges?

If you feel that the shower door hinges are loose and shaky, you may need to fix them.

To adjust the frameless shower door hinges, you need to put shims beneath the door and in between the door panels. Now, use a screwdriver to loosen the screws in the hinges. You don’t need to remove the hinges but just loosen them.

Next, adjust the glass. Now, hold the door, place the hinge in the right position, and tighten the screws to fix the hinges.

How To Raise A Frameless Glass Door?

If you see that the bottom of the door is not at a uniform level, you need to raise the frameless door a bit. But it may seem difficult for you if you are not an expert.

To raise a frameless glass door, you need an assistant to manually raise the door a bit. After he raises and holds the door, you have to place a block below the door. If the block doesn’t touch the rim of the door properly, put some blocks and shims over the block so that the door tightly grips the shims. Now use a block to hit the door upwards. Do this a few times until the door is tightened.

Now remove the shims and blocks and see if the door is raised and leveled properly or not.

How To Remove A Frameless Shower Door?

To adjust the frameless shower door, you may need to remove it. If you remove the entire door, you can level and reinstall it again.

To remove the frameless shower door, take off the anchors first and then remove the hinges. Most frameless doors are attached to the walls using hinges. Loosen them and remove them while holding the door with another hand. Or you can tell anyone to hold the door. Otherwise, it will fall and break.

In the last step, use pliers or screwdrivers to loosen the nuts and bolts from the hinges. Now that the door is free from the hinges, remove it gently.


Now that you know the procedure of adjusting and positioning the frameless shower glass door, you can fix any issue regarding it.

Be it leveling or tightening, do it carefully so that you don’t damage the door. And you are all set to get a well-functioning frameless shower door!

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  1. James, very informative! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I do have one question. My shower door is hinged to a piece of glass. The hinge on the door side is placed in a notch cut out on the door while the hinge on the stable side is simply clamped onto the glass without a notch. I need to adjust the stable side. My concern is how tight to tighten the screws that clamp onto the glass. Is there any rule of thumb on that? Thanks for any help you can provide and thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

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