How Long To Wait To Shower After Painting Bathroom? (3 Faster Dry Tips)

How Long To Wait To Shower After Painting Bathroom

Who doesn’t want polished and painted bathroom walls? We all admire colored bathroom walls. But while we like it, a newly painted wall has some issues too. One of the biggest issues is that you can’t shower immediately after painting the bathroom.

Paints require a certain time to dry out. If you shower immediately, it may damage the paint. Though it can be a hassle not to shower in a newly painted bathroom and find an alternative, showering in it would make your investment go down the drain. This is why waiting for the paint to dry out is necessary.

Ideally, one should wait for at least 2 to 3 days to shower after painting the bathroom. If you don’t wait for this period, humidity and water would cause the paint to fall off the walls. This time period should be given to let the paint dry out completely before showering.

2 Ways To Know That The Paint In The Bathroom Is Dry:

It is clear that the paint needs to dry before you take a shower. And it needs around 72 hours for the paint to set and dry out completely. But sometimes, it may take longer.

So how can you know that the paint is dry and you can shower?

Here are two simple ways to check whether the bathroom wall paints have dried out or not.

Way 1: Wait For 72 Hours

Though it has been said that the paint would require around 24 to 72 hours to dry out, you should wait for 72 hours. To stay risk-free, it is the best idea to let the paint dry for 72 hours and then check if the result is expected or not.

Way 2: Touch A Corner Of The Painted Wall

Sadly, there is no option to check the paint other than directly touching the wall. But to avoid massive or noticeable damage, you should touch a corner of the wall. You can choose a lower corner of the wall where the damage won’t be prominent.

Use your fingertip to touch one corner and check if the paint is coming off or not. If it is still sticky, the paint has not dried out. You may also see a small dip in the portion you have touched. In that case, you need to wait for more time. But if the paint feels smooth and dry, then the entire bathroom walls are dry.

That is how you can check whether the paint in the bathroom wall has dried out fully or not. But as a precaution, you should always wait for at least 72 hours to be assured that it has dried out.

How Do You Make Your Bathroom Paint Dry Faster? (3 Superb Tips)

Open window for Paint Dry Faster

It is natural that you would like to use the bathroom as soon as possible after painting. Especially, if you are having only one bathroom in the house, it is essential that you dry off the paint fast and start using it. But how can you make it dry fast and effectively?

I have three different suggestions for you if you want bathroom paint to dry fast. Actually, bathroom paint dries out late due to the excess humid condition in the bathroom. To reduce the humidity, you can follow these below-given tips:

  1. Your bathroom requires enough air and ventilation to let the paint dry out. So, you can open the ventilators and windows to let air pass and remove the wet condition. However, if there is a chance of rain or storm, avoid doing it.
  2. You can use a dehumidifier to get rid of all the extra humidity in the bathroom. It would help the paint dry out fast.
  3. You have to take out the elements in the bathroom that hold moisture. Things like towels, bathroom mats, carpet, curtains, broom, soap, scrub loofah, etc. should be taken out of the bathroom so that they can’t pass the humidity to the bathroom.

These are some useful tips that you can follow to let the bathroom painting dry out fast.

When To Shower After Using Latex Paint In The Bathroom?

The type of paint you use in the bathroom does impact the time of drying. If you are using latex paint, it won’t take much time to dry out.

Generally, latex paint requires only a day to dry out completely. This means you can shower in the bathroom the next day after painting the bathroom. But you have to be cautious about the humidity level in the bathroom. In that case, ventilate the bathroom while taking a bath and reduce the bathing time. Also, try not to wet the walls with water. That is how you can keep the paint intact and bathe the next day after painting.

When To Shower When Applying Oil Paint In The Bathroom?

Though oil-based paint is not suitable for bathrooms, if you use it, it would take a long time to dry out. While latex paint can dry out in a day, oil-based paint can take around three to four days to dry out.

Oil-based paints are wetter than latex paint. This is why latex paint is suitable for bathrooms. In case you use oil-based painting in the bathroom, make sure to keep it ventilated. Wait for three to four days to let it dry out. However, you should still minimize the level of humidity in the bathroom to keep the painting intact.

Can You Take A Shower After Painting The Bathroom?

You should not shower in the bathroom after painting it. As the paint doesn’t dry out immediately, showering after the painting can damage it. The paint would fall off the walls if you shower immediately after painting the bathroom.

You should wait for at least two to three days before showering in a newly painted bathroom. Let the paint dry out before taking a shower. Make sure that you check that the paint has dried out completely. After that, take a shower in that bathroom.


To conclude, I must say that it is wise to wait for at least 3 days before you shower in a newly painted bathroom. Also, do check the painting before taking a shower.

Stay cautious and make your bathroom painting long-lasting!

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